Cooke & Son Manufacturing CC 28 Blair Road Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 3610 RSA

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Managing Director: Steve Cooke
Production Manager: Stephen Wilks
Quality Technician: Francois Du Plessis
Design Manager: Mark Keevy
Logistics Manager: Amanda Wilks
Commercial Manager: Peter Kok
Administration Manager: Ria Shearer

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Since 1977


Our Services

Plastic Injection Moulding

This is our core business; once the design and development process is complete mass production is carried out using modern German injection moulding machinery and subject to quality control in accordance with ISO 9001. We manufacture products using a vast range of engineering polymers and our capability ranges from the smallest parts of less than a gram, to 660 grams in complex tooling with hot runner, 2K over moulding and sequential gating capabilities.

Component Design

First a 3D model and 2D drawings of the part are created to define clearly what the client requires and can expect to be delivered at the end of the process.

Mould Flow Analysis

Software is then used to analyse the polymer flow in the mould and identify issues which will negatively affect the quality of the final product. The resolution of these issues is then incorporated into the tool design, prior to construction, in order to achieve a “right first time” mould trial.

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Tool Design

From the 3D model the mould layout and engineering design is then done. All the critical decisions in terms of how the part will be created are addressed at this stage, with the overall objectives of maximising part quality and mould efficiency.

Mould Construction

The completed design is handed over to the tool room for construction. The 3D data of the mould parts are used for CNC programming, and the 2D data is used for manual processes.

Mould Verification

The completed mould is then subjected to a series of mould trials. Each trial may result in mould 'tuning' corrective action being made to resolve issues and improve the part.

Industries Served

The company is well established as a reliable and key supplier of high quality, technically excellent and cost efficient components to a range of customers in the following industries.

Medical & Safety
Point of Sale marketing & wholesale