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Managing Director: Steve Cooke
Production Manager: Stephen Wilks
Quality Technician: Francois Du Plessis
Design Manager: Mark Keevy
Logistics Manager: Amanda Wilks
Commercial Manager: Peter Kok
Administration Manager: Ria Shearer

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Mould Flow


Mould Flow Analysis - Cooling Efficiency

Mould Flow Analysis

The company has invested in world class mould flow analysis software which enables the tool designers to resolve all the issues that will occur from a particular tool layout.

  • The software includes boundary layer meshing (BLM) providing the most accurate FEA results regardless of the geometry of the part.
  • It can analyse all mould configurations including:
    • Cold runner moulds
    • Open gate hot runner moulds
    • Sequentially gated moulds
    • Special mould materials including high heat transfer alloys
    • 2K moulding
    • Glass fibre and mineral filled materials
  • It takes into account the overall thermal analysis of the mould process including all cooling/heating channels, and can analyse the transient cooling of the process.

Result output

In addition to the common melt flow animation the software can provide a wide range of critical information including:

  • Air traps and weld lines
  • Gate contribution for moulds with more than a single gate
  • Pressure and temperature
  • Process variable graphs
  • Shear rate and shear stress
  • Density
  • Frozen layer ratio and gate freeze time prediction
  • Sink mark indication and displacement
  • Cooling channel efficiency
  • Warpage displacement
  • Residual stress

Reports can be supplied in PowerPoint© or Moldex3D free viewer which allows full 3D rotation of the models.

Mould Flow Analysis - Mesh